A Non-Exhaustive List of Things I Have Done So Far This Week

  1. Bought half-price Halloween candy
  2. Successfully refrained from eating all of the half-price Halloween candy I bought
  3. Strongly considered putting away the iron that’s been sitting on my dining table since last Friday
  4. Practiced my French
  5. Wrote three blog posts
  6. Totally phoned in one blog post by making a list of semi-random things and pretending that counts as writing
  7. Got really upset about a completely stupid thing that ended up not even happening
  8. Made an amazing salad (dressing: this miso-sesame dressing with no ginger, molasses instead of honey, and more olive oil in place of the sesame oil)
  9. Planned to clean my apartment so that the maintenance guy wouldn’t judge me when he came in to change the air filter on Tuesday
  10. Shoved a bunch of papers in a mostly-empty drawer on Monday night, loaded the dishwasher, and called it good
  11. Picked all of the celery out of a bowl of leftover Vietnamese food
  12. Moved my hamper of clean laundry to the couch so that I could fold it but did not actually fold the laundry
  13. Practiced Lafayette’s rap from “Guns and Ships” an embarrassing number of times
  14. Ordered a pair of Crocs
  15. Inexplicably got to work half an hour early despite leaving no more than five minutes earlier than usual
  16. Slept, some

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