A Double Weekend Before the Home Stretch

I’m treating my four-day weekend as two weekends: one weekend (now basically over) for doofing off and cleaning the house, and one (about to start) for getting actual work done.

It perhaps is not the best plan of attack, but it’s one I’m enjoying so far. It was necessary, I think, because to be honest, I’m having some trouble getting through these last few weeks of school. It’s the home stretch: I have one week of classes left to go. One presentation and four papers stand between me and two weeks with my family. Then, finally, comes my (theoretical) entry into the adult world.

It’s weird. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s already basically December, that I’m almost done with undergrad. I feel like just last week I was starting NaBloPoMo, was going to my first classes, was moving into my new apartment. That feeling of stillness, of time having slowed, is I think part of what’s making it so hard for me to get on top of everything this week.

So hopefully, then, taking two days to completely recharge will help. Tomorrow I will–I hope–be able to snap back into the groove of things, crank out some papers (and my last few blog posts for the month) and face the home stretch head on.

Let’s do this.


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