On Asparagus and Having a Day

I have had a Day.  Well, an Evening.  Well, really more like an Hour.  But it was one of those hours that involves multiple phone calls to multiple time zones and brow-furrowed Google searches and things that you probably shouldn’t tell the Internet about because you haven’t even told your parents yet.

So we’ll say I had a Day.

And because I’m a grownup, I came home at the end of my Day and made a proper dinner with vegetables and at least three food groups.

And because being a grownup is frustrating, one of those food groups was cheese.


I’m not going to belittle you by giving a recipe here.  Asparagus, salt, Parmesan, oven.  I used olive oil too, but I suspect it’s optional.

Sometimes life throws things at us that mean we need to be grownups.  (Especially if we are, indeed, legal adults.)  Things like phone calls and time zones and vegetables.  But ain’t nobody saying you can’t add a little cheese to it.

(Side note: sometimes being a grownup apparently also means taking food photos on your increasingly-crappy phone and then editing them in Picasa.  No big.)


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